Outlook Login

When you wish to login to outlook.com and are an existing user of MSN services, the process is an easy one:
Today many people are faced with the Outlook Login process whether they are ready for it or not. While many have embraced a new outlook account, several people, who are existing users of Hotmail accounts, are comprehensive of the changes that have been brought about since Hotmail has been brought under the outlook domain. It is a transition for sure and Hotmail domain will probably give way to outlook.com at the end. Though the Hotmail users are allowed to use their Hotmail ids still, new users will be getting a unified MSN account that will provide access to their outlook.com mail account. Thus, Hotmail users and other MSN mail users will be using the outlook.com login process from now on.

outlook login 

When you find the sign in fields, use your existing Hotmail or other MSN credentials to log in
You will be able to access your account on other devices as well as through your desktop computer
Your contacts are retained and you need not take any steps to move them to the new platform
All your folders, flagged messages, rules and conversations remain the same
Other settings such as conversations arranged and signature on mails also remain the same
It is important that you login to outlook using your old mail credentials. You can opt for changing the email account to outlook or to create an alias under the “Rename the account” settings if you wish to move from hotmail.com to outlook.com.

When you wish to initiate the outlook sign in process, you need not create a new account. If you are an existing Hotmail account user, you will be able to login and sign in to outlook.com simply using the Hotmail credentials. All your Hotmail settings and data have been migrated to this new platform. You will even be able to access your Hotmail features through the Outlook Connector app on your phone and other client based applications. The instructions for logging in at outlook.com remains the same no matter which email address you hold, Hotmail, Live or MSN. The same email id will allow you access to all the MSN features and functions under the new integrated platform.

Many people are confused when they are existing Hotmail users and are asked to login through outlook.com. The oulook.com sign in process is easy and it is simply a matter of a new page layout and a changed domain. For Hotmail account users, all other aspects remain the same. Their emails and other credentials remain unchanged unless they wish to move to outlook.com and rename their account. The advantage of using outlook when you already have an MSN account is that, your existing emails and folders will simply get migrated and will not be deleted. You can then begin anew and integrate other email accounts to your outlook.com account.


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