How to Backup and Restore Your Outlook Data

These instructions are for Outlook 2007 and 2010. They don’t backup the email account information (password, servers, and so on). So let’s concentrate on backing up and restoring data that’s harder to recreate, like your inbox, calendar, and contacts.

Backing up Outlook is really a simple, matter of copying the Outlook folder to a safe location. The hardest part is getting to the folder. And even that’s not particularly difficult.

If you’re using Outlook login 2007, click Tools, then select Account Settings. For version 2010, click the File tab, then select the Info option in the left pane, then Account Settings, and Account Settings again.

In either version, this will bring you to the Account Settings dialog box, where you should click the Data Files tab. Select your Outlook Data File, then click the Open Folder button (version 2007) or the Open File Location button (2010).

The folder containing your Outlook data will open in Windows Explorer. Return to Outlook, close the Account Set…

Some of the most recent improvements in Hotmail

Recently Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail login service have applied more improvements in function and overall quality to regain client market share from rival – Gmail. In this article, we will come together to learn about some of the positive changes from Hotmail service in this war.

First is the addition of the new mouse and keyboard shortcuts, which previously have not been available in consumer based Web Email clients (GMAIL included). For example, users can right-click on the email to get options like Reply, Reply all …:
Additionally, you can now change Hotmail over to use the exact shortcut hotkeys that you might be already acquainted with in Gmail or Yahoo Mail; certainly something handy if you’re one of the claimed “millions” that has switched to Hotmail sing in.

To go along with the new keyboard shortcuts, there are a couple new mouse shortcuts too.  At the top-right of email messages you’ll now find a drop-down menu that allows you to Reply, Reply all, or Forward the message…

Procedure to Sign in Hotmail Login Page

It’s quite interesting how easy it is for one to communicate with colleagues, family and friends despite their geographical location. With Hotmail login, you can have conversations and discussions with different people all over the world.

The web based email service provider offers you many different features and services that will make it easy for you to communicate. Hotmail, a Microsoft operated service provider has features like instant messaging, Xbox Live, SkyDrive and many more. To enjoy these features you will have to create an account.

You will be required to have a computer and a good internet connection for you to create the account. You can also sign up for an account using the mobile devices with internet connectivity. You will be able to access the Hotmail home page via its official website link. The Microsoft Hotmail sign in home page will open, click on sign up that is located at the bottom of the page. You will be directed to a new page where you will be required to fil…

Outlook Login

When you wish to login to and are an existing user of MSN services, the process is an easy one:
Today many people are faced with the Outlook Login process whether they are ready for it or not. While many have embraced a new outlook account, several people, who are existing users of Hotmail accounts, are comprehensive of the changes that have been brought about since Hotmail has been brought under the outlook domain. It is a transition for sure and Hotmail domain will probably give way to at the end. Though the Hotmail users are allowed to use their Hotmail ids still, new users will be getting a unified MSN account that will provide access to their mail account. Thus, Hotmail users and other MSN mail users will be using the login process from now on.

outlook login

When you find the sign in fields, use your existing Hotmail or other MSN credentials to log in
You will be able to access your account on other devices as well as through your de…

Hotmail Inbox Interface

Even though you are going to upgrade your Hotmail account to account, the e-mail address you have right now with Hotmail need not be changed. Even after the upgrade, you will have the same email address. If you need  account, then you will have to create a new one.

Upgrading from Hotmail to

All your emails, contacts list, folders, etc., in your Hotmail inbox will not be changed or would not be unavailable when you convert to Outlook. Even those will be converted. The only change that you will see when moving from Hotmail to is the user interface that will be modern looking with a host of features.

Hotmail is the first free web based email service to be launched. It is now a property of Microsoft and has undergone plenty of changes. Right now, all series offered by Microsoft can be access with just a single Microsoft account. Hotmail has been taken over and is now combined with account. This is the deskto…

Create Hotmail Account

When you own Hotmail account, the messages that come to your inbox and other mail folders are saved on specific web servers as allocated by MSN. You can check your emails from anywhere as long as you have online connection and are using a compatible web browser that fits the settings of this email service.

hotmail create account

The drawback of this email service is akin to all other web based email services. It is not possible to access old messages even if the online connection is not present. In order to access the email account you need to have internet connection. The process of creating an email account here is easy. The process is described below:
You need to open a compatible web browser and type in the web address of the Hotmail official site.Even if the layout of the Hotmail main page changes, you will be able to find the sign up link easilyThe sign up process is simple and requires basic personal information, creation of a unique username and password which will protect your …

How Creating a Hotmail Account

If you are looking for how to create a Hotmail account, in this article we will explain step by step how to have one. Here is the stepwise instruction for how creating a hotmail account in Hotmail:

To create an account using, visit or clicking here the official website of Hotmail.

You can see a registration form on your screen. Enter the details as required in the form.In the first two fields you have to enter your first and last name.You need to enter your username in the next text field. You can use any email ID as your user name or you can get a new mail address.You can select the new Microsoft account to be from the dropdown menu on the right field.Next, you have to create a strong password that has at least 8 characters. See to find out how to create the password. Make sure that you use upper case and lower case letters as well as numbers in your password to make it difficult to guess by other people but, an easy one to remember for you.…